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Selecting The Correct Width Arrow Wraps

When Purchasing Arrow Wraps Its Important to Order the Correct Width for Your Arrows

Diameter & Circumference of an Arrow ShaftYou would be amazed how many customers when buying arrow wraps ask me 'Please remind me. How do you calculate the circumference of an arrow?'. So to help out I have put together a little 'How to Do' page.

First look at the diagram on the right. It shows the cross section of an arrow. Familiarise yourself with the difference between diameter and circumference.

Let's Work through an Example

1 - Calculate the Arrow Diameter

I need to know the circumference of my arrow shaft, so I can purchase the correct width wraps for my Easton XX75 2014 arrows. I measured the shaft diameter with a digital calliper but you can easily use a ruler for a rough approximation.

Measuring Arrow Diameter To Calculate CircumferenceThe shaft diameter measured 7.95 mm. So let's use this for the following example.

2 - Calculate the Arrow Circumference

The Arrow Diameter (7.95 mm) x 3.142 = 24.98 mm

3 - Add an Additional 2 mm For Overlap

24.98 mm + 2 mm = 26.98 mm

Select an arrow wrap width as close to this number as possible.