Arrow Decals

As most of you know Archery rules dictate that shooting competitors must identify their arrows with a) their name or initials and b) a unique number between 1 - 12. By far the simplest means of making your arrows identifiable and compliant is to use Bowrap Arrow Shaft Decals / Stickers. Our shaft decals are convenient to use and don’t require re-fletching, just peel and stick.

Ordering your customer shaft sticker set could not be easier. Enter the details of the name you would like printed into the box provided and then choose a colour combination from the options chart.

Complete your order and let us do the rest. Once your arrow shaft stickers have been manufactured we will dispatch them in a reinforced envelope so they are kept nice and flat.

Bowrap arrow shaft sticker decals are sold as a single sheet of 2 sets of 12 numbered and personalised labels. You will receive a total of 24 arrow shaft labels. A custom archery product at fantastic value. Why not consider our buy in bulk offers.

They will conform and adhere to all arrow types including Aluminium, Wood and Carbon shafts.

We offer a generous range of standard colours including Fluorescent Orange, Fluro Pink and Metallic Mirror Silver and Gold. We have put together a chart of standard combinations, all that remains is for you to choose.

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