Limb Skins - Customise The Look Of Your Recurve Bow With a New Archery Product 'LimbSkins' by

23 Oct 2015

Give Your Recurve Bow a Makeover With Limb-Skins by

Have you ever thought you might like to change the look of your Recurve Bow? - Well now you can with Bowrap Limb Skins™.

If you have not come across this innovative new archery product before then I hope that this illustrated Bowrap Limb Skin Installation Guide will give you an idea of what kind of transformation to expect and also demonstrate just how easy Limb Skins are to apply to your Recurve bow.

A Limb Skin Removal Guide for when you want to change your Limb Skins will be published soon. So before we begin lets wet your appetite and take a look at the finished article installed on a bow.

Bowrap Limb Skins Installed On My Recurve Bow

This following photo is of my first Recurve Bow with Brick Road Limb Skins installed. I completed the installation on both limbs in just 20 minutes and I think they look great and I'm very pleased with the end result. You can see they make a fantastic difference to the look of my archery gear. I've also fitted one of our custom Bowstrings in red and black to compliment the new look limbs.

Bowrap Personalised Limb Skins - Design 0019 - Brick Road Installed on My Win & Win Sidewinder Long Limbs. Quite a Transformation

Choosing A Limb Skin Design

The first and I think hardest part of the installation is choosing a design you like. At the time of publishing this article we have over 80 designs to choose from, and if that was not enough, I'm always adding more!

Here at Bowrap we like to keep the designs we offer fresh and so close down designs after a period of time and replace them with new designs.

Bowrap Personalised Limb Skins - the Hardest Part Is Choosing a Design. There Are Just so Many!

These Are The Limb Skins We're Going To Use

I've selected Brick Road - Design 0018 which is a really popular Limb Skin design we supply. We manufacture all our Limb Skin wraps using a unique thermal printing process onto 3M premium cast vinyl with polyethylene liner. The skins are then laminated with a thin LG High Gloss laminate. This not only creates a super high gloss finish but it also protects the graphics and your bow limbs from minor scrapes and scuffs.

Limb Skins designs are pre-cut to shape and are available in three sizes - small, medium, and Long to fit the most common Recurve bow limb sizes.

Being a relatively tall man at 6' 2" I use long limbs, and so have selected long Limb Skins. These will be perfect for the bow limbs I'm using. NOTE: Always check the size of your limbs before ordering Limb Skin wraps. Its important to apply the correct size.

In the image below you can see the top limb has got its previous Limb Skin still on (Design 0001). I've had these skins on for about 7 months and fancied a change and so thought what a great opportunity to write this article. The second limb down has had the previous Limb Skin removed. You can see the plain stock silver colour - Boring.

At the bottom you can see the Limb Skins I'm going to install.

Bowrap Limb Skins - Design 00028 - Brick Road

To Dress A Pair of Limbs With Limb Skin Wraps - You Will Need

  • 1 x Pair of Recurve Limbs.
  • 1 x Squeegee or soft lint free cloth & a stiff straight edge.
  • 1 x Pair of Scissors.

Make the job easier and gather everything you need before you start.

Applying Bowrap Limb Skins - Before We Start

Whether you're starting with a pair of brand new Limbs or dressing a used set, its good practice to ensure the surfaces of the limbs are free from dirt and oily deposits. So to begin with I always give the limbs a gentle clean with warm soapy water and then towel dry.

Limbs Cleaned and Dry. Now It's Time to Apply the Limb Skins. As You Can See the Original Limb Graphics Look a Bit Dated and Well - Sad

Let's Apply The Limb Skins

Take your Limb Skins and lay the sheet out flat. Bowrap Limb Skins are supplied on a clear polyethylene liner which helps to protect them from folds and crease damage. Look towards the large end of the limb skin and locate the 'Peel Here' Tab.

Gently lift the end of the tab and part lift the wrap away from the backing sheet. DON'T peel the entire wrap away from the backing sheet otherwise you risk get into a mess very quickly and in all lightly hood ruin the wrap beyond use.

Lift the Corner of the First Arrow Wrap on the Sheet. Tack It Lightly to Your Thumb and Peel Slowly Away.

Align & Position The Limb Skin

Start at the Limb fitting end and align the end of the wrap with the end of the limb and centre with the limb bolt. The Handling tab stays on.

Slowly and carefully peel and lay an inch or two of the wrap onto the limb surface. Ensure the wrap is aligned and square with the centre line of the limb. Now the biggest thing we need to try and avoid is trapped air bubbles. If you get bubble under the wrap its won't look great so the way to handle this is to use a squeegee or failing that a soft lint free cloth wrapped around a stiff straight edge.

As the wrap is applied and laid onto the limb use the squeegee at an angle to push out any trapped air.

Ensuring You Get Everything Aligned and Square at the Start Will Make the Application Much Easier.

Carefully Work Your Way Along The Length of The Limb

As you proceed to move along the length of the limb keep checking for any trapped air bubbles. If you do get some don't panic. Simply pull the limb skin gently and slowly away from the limb and reapply using the squeegee as before to push out the air bubbles (see image below).

If you find the limb skin is off centre to the limb use the same procedure to gently and slowly pull back the wrap and then reapply it again straight. You will find that there is a little bit of stretch in the skins but don't get heavy handed or it will tear.

Hold the Squeegee at a Shallow Angle and Push the Limb Skin on to the Limb. This Will Ensure You Don't Get Any Air Bubbles.

Start to See the Transformation

Continue and repeat this process working a couple of inches at a time until the skin has been completely applied to the limb. You can start to see the transformation. I really like this particular design.

All Going Well and No Air Bubbles. Just Take It Slow and Be Careful.

Both Limbs Complete

Both limbs all done. You can see in the image below that I like to leave the peel tab on. Its just handy when you want to change your lib graphics. The tab can be cut off flush if you prefer a clean look.

Both Limb Skins Applied.

Ready to Fit to the Bow

At the end of the install if you find you have some excess vinyl then simply trim it off. Thats it, all done. 

A Pair of Customised and Personalised Recurve Archery Limbs.

Pleased With the Results

Now that they are finished I have to say i'm really pleased with the end result. They look wicked, and I can't wait to fit them to my Sabastian Flute SF Forged Plus Riser.

Can't Wait to Fit Them to the Riser and See How They Look.
Close up of the Print Graphics. High Quality with Lots of Colour Depth and High Gloss Laminate Finish.

Each set of Limb Skins comes as a pair - one skin for each limb and are pre cut with a profile ready for immediate installation.

Most of our customers install the limb skins to the outside curve of the limb. Just to be clear this is the surface of the limb you can't see when holding your bow to shoot.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with installing the skins on both sides of the limb and of course many of our customers do just that. However we must point out that if you participate in archery competitions then we generally advise you NOT to install the wraps on the inside curved surface of the limb (the side of the limb you CAN see when shooting your bow).

The reason for this advice is that a event judge may decide during equipment inspection that the limb skin graphic could be construed/used as a sighting aid. This situation may lead to a request (as I once had) to remove the wraps from the inside of the limbs before being allowed to shoot in the archery competition.

Limb skins on the outside surface of the limb is perfectly OK.