Well I guess I should introduce the new owner of Bowrap.com!

22 Oct 2016

Well I guess I should introduce myself! I'm Chris Evans I've taken over the reigns of Bowrap.com from Mark Sansom.

I started out in Archery about 13 years ago after visiting a 'have a go' stand at our local carnival one year. Least I can say I was hooked and spent most of my time at the stall talking to the guy running it and shooting. They ran a competition during the day, the prize for the highest score being a tenner. I wish I could say I was a natural and won it but I think I had enough go's to provide the prize money!!

Very shortly after that I was booked on my beginners course at Nuneaton Archers (or Bowmen of Charnwood as we were back then). Completely went against my coaches advice and bought my first bow on week 5 of the course instead of waiting till I'd finished! Which now I know more about archery I wouldn't recommend to a new archer.

Over the years I've devoted a lot of time to archery from helping at club have a go days, running beginners courses, holding several jobs on club, county and regional committees, judging and now making bowstrings and running bowrap.com. I do try to fit in as much shooting as I can around all of that too!!

Well that's a very brief introduction and over the next few articles I hope to expand on all of this so you can get to know me a little more and how passionate I am for what I can only describe as the best sport in the world!!