Custom Bowstrings

Custom Bowstrings Handmade to Your Specification

Bowrap offers a custom bowstring service where you choose the strings specification, length, number of strands and colours. We then make it and deliver it to your door. Bowrap custom recurve, longbow and compound bowstrings are all hand made in the UK by an experienced archer and bowstringer - Evans Performance Bowstrings.

Using custom made string jigs, and bowstring fibres imported from the USA. Our stringing machines are capable of pre-stretching bowstring fibres with up to 200 lbs. of tension. The end result is a finished bowstring that delivers complete stability from the very first arrow.

Premium Bowstring Fibres from BCY

Bowrap bowstrings are manufactured using BCY’s 8125G. This material has a proven track record and are considered to be one of the highest performing materials available. Brownell’s Fastflight Plus and Dacron material is also available and is used for traditional and longbow strings.

Choose and configure your bowstring now.


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