Spin Wing Vane Anchor Tapes



Spin Wing Vane Anchor Tapes (25) 5mm x 100mm

Spin wing style fletching vane systems are widely available from a multitude of suppliers such as xs-wings, curleys, spinwing, gas pro amongst others. Often offered in a range of fabulous shapes and colours. However most of them forget about the details such as the anchor tape used to secure the leading and trailing edge tangs on the vanes. More often than not they are supplied in black.

Bowrap have a solution to this problem. We produce a range of Spin Wing Anchor Tapes in a range of over 50 colours including silver gold and florescent colours. Now you can further customise your arrows with Spin Wing Anchor Tapes that either compliment or contrast your arrow wrap designs and vanes choices.

Fletching & Vane Compatibility

Bowrap Spin Wing Tapes are compatible with Kurley Vanes, Eli Vanes, Spin Wings, XS-Wings, Gas Pro, Range-O-Matic vanes.

Arrow Shaft Compatibility

Bowrap Spin Wing Anchor Tapes are compatible with all aluminium, aluminium / carbon, carbon and wooden arrow shafts of all the major shaft manufacturers such as Easton, Gold Tip, Carbon Express, Beman, Victory and Martin.

Bowrap Spin Wing Anchor Tape Features

  • 25 individual Spin Wing tapes per sheet - Enough for 12 arrows +1 spare
  • Wide choice of over 50 colours, including metallic's and Flurorescents.
  • Thermally printed on premium quality 3M cast vinyl with high tack adhesive.
  • CNC precision cut 5mm x 100mm tapes. Accurate to within 0.1mm
  • Quick and easy to apply with ‘How To’ articles & videos on Bowrap website.
  • Every Anchor Tape set is handmade, checked, packed and sent by me, personally.
  • Supplied on clear Polyethylene ‘easy peel’ carrier sheet to prevent creases and wrinkles.
  • Compatible with Gas Pro, Spinwings, XS-Wings, Curlies

One Size Fits All

Our archery Spinwing tapes are designed to wrap around the thickest of arrows. If the tape is too long simply overlap and trim to length.

How To Install Spin Wing Anchor Tapes.

Your anchor tapes have just landed on the doormat. You have had a look at them and now pleased and all excited you want to install them. Great! thought so, follow this illustrated guide on  How to Apply Spin Wing Anchor Tapes. Take your time and enjoy the transformation ad security our tape products deliver.