Stabiliser Skins Long Rod Wrap Urban Camo 0084



Stabiliser Skins - Urban Camo - Pink - Design 0084

Stabiliser Skins by are an innovative archery product that allows archers to easily customise and change the look of their bows stabiliser system. Turn those bland and boring stabilisers into a statement with a unique piece of art. This stabiliser wrap feature a modern Camo pattern in a bright pink colour.

Details for Ordering

When ordering your stabiliser wraps please measure the circumference (take a look at our guide to working out the circumference) of the rods and also the length between any collars that may be on either end.  

When you purchase a full set of Bowrap Stabiliser Wraps you will receive 1 long rod and 2 side rod full colour CNC precision cut laminated skins that you simply apply to the stabilising long rod and side rods. Stabiliser skins come laminated with a robust high gloss finish that offers an improved level of protection from light scuffs, minor abrasions, mud and dirt.

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